"If one advances confidently in the direction of one’s dreams, and endeavors to live the life which one has imagined, one will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” - Henry David Thoreau

Recipient of NAAMBA/ASCEND's "Global Emerging Leaders Under 40" Award
Recipient of  the "Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business” award
Women Making a Difference Award Nominee 2011, 2012, 2013
2010 Asian Heritage Awards Nominee for "Excellence in Arts & Literature"
Named “100 Passionate People of 2010” for Taiwaneseamerican.org
McDonalds Ambassador- Empowering youth to achieve their college education dreams
2015 Women in Business Awards Nominee - San Fernando Valley Business Journal


Panney Wei, popular radio host of “Positive Changes with Panney Wei” is an award-winning broadcaster-motivational speaker-behavioral scientist and writer, has dealt in the dynamic field of Personal Growth and Empowerment most of her professional life.  Her background as a certified hypnotherapist, life coach, and practitioner in neuro-linguistic programming and therapeutic imagery and as a former competitive figure skater and her extensive experience in the world of sports has empowered her to serve her clients with all the necessary tools to create powerful change, motivation, and transformation in their lives. With Panney, it has never been a collection of theories, but rather easy to access methods to apply the principles of success into daily lives.  She believes that everyone can be the star of their life, do their destiny, and reach for their stars! As a member of the National Speakers Association and a nationally acclaimed motivational speaker internationally known for her show “Positive Changes with Panney Wei”, Panney knows how to touch the hearts and minds of men and women.
Panney provides motivational keynotes, workshops and seminars for events, organizations, conferences, cultural history months, etc. Topics may include: multicultural issues, leadership development, skill-building in the areas of leadership, management, and others, Asian American issues, activism, women’s issues, hypnosis, spirituality, community organizing, and social justice advocacy.
For example, Panney’s presentation, Be the Star of Your Life: How to Get from Here to There in your Life and Career will elicit these kinds of responses from your audience…
•    "Enjoyed your presentation. I would recommend you as a speaker for any group."
•    "Very informative program and well presented."
•    "Excellent program. Thank you for sharing your talents."
•    "Loved your class. Would recommend it for all ages including seniors."

Always a multitalented communicator, Panney’s mission is to empower, entertain, and enliven audiences with her powerful tools for positive change in the lives of her fans and clients, and continues to travel the world as a guest expert, author, coach, radio host and motivational speaker.  Her show “Positive Changes with Panney Wei” on KCAA 1050 AM and podcasting at kcaaradio.com and ITunes, is currently ranked TOP 100 Best Podcasts on ITunes for Spirituality, broadcast to over 240 countries and nearly 1 million listeners. Panney Wei, her workshops, and shows will reenergize any organization, sales force, or management group.  Learn how it all starts with you!  
“…You have powers you never dreamed of.  You can do things you never thought you could do.  There are no limitations in what you can do, except the limitations of your own mind.”
“There’s only person on the planet just like you, and you owe it to yourself to discover the truth of who you are, what makes you happy, and just go for it! The keys to creating success, love, happiness, and prosperity are right at your fingertips. All you have to do is look within!”
~ Panney Wei, C.Ht.

Panney's Presentations include:
• Keynote Presentation
• Tailored Speech or Workshop
• Excerpts from A/V if needed
• Q&A Session
• 50 to 100 minutes or length catered to your event

"Mountains are not stadiums where I satisfy my ambition to achieve, they are the cathedrals where I practice my religion...I go to them as humans go to worship. From their lofty summits I view my past, dream of the future and, with an unusual acuity, am allowed to experience the present moment...my vision cleared, my strength renewed. In the mountains I celebrate creation. On each journey I am reborn."
- Anatoli Boukreev
Russian climber who made ascents of Seven Summits of the world without supplemental oxygen

Each one of your goals is like a mountain. Each mountain requires several, important, calculated steps in order to achieve the summit, in essence, the summit of your goals. Panney celebrates these steps and the achievement of your goals with you and provides powerful tools, seminars, and keynotes to empower, enliven, and  inspire you to reach your goals, and achieve your dreams.
How do you reach your goals when it feels like you're climbing Mount Everest and every step feels insurmountable? You have to use the power of your mind. Panney has first rate knowledge of the power of the mind when she survived a near-death experience with  the life-threatening illness, bulimia, and using her sheer will power and the power of her mind, she was able to get past being near-death, heal herself, and rebuild her life.  This  powerful experience was her worst nightmare and yet her greatest gift and it is what inspired her to become a motivational speaker, behavioral scientist, and hypnotherapist studying the power of the mind on a daily basis to inspire and help others overcome obstacles, access the champion within them, and achieve their dreams.

Her positive approach to adversity has inspired thousands. In her articles, advice columns, books, and speeches Panney shares stories with others about what she has learned from her near-death experience and how we can apply these bits of wisdom to our lives. 
Here's an excerpt of that wisdom from her workshop and keynote, Moving Mountains and
Back from the Dead: Simple Steps Towards Achieving a New You:

First, we all must have a defining moment to initiate true change. My defining moment came when I was 80 pounds, passed out in a bathroom exhausted from a bulimic episode when I realized soon I was to perish and that I would never fulfill my destiny, my purpose in life, and I was too young. Twenty years old? Twenty is too young to fall into an abyss. I must get up. I learned in this instance, that if your purpose is strong enough, you can push yourself forward and achieve your goals.
At first I was unable to respond to a person I heard who was near the bathroom who called out to me.  It was the night janitor and he sensed something was terribly wrong. It was 9pm at night and the building was closed, but I was passed out in the bathroom. I was too weak to respond, too frail to hear his cries and knocks on the door, too embarassed to utter words for help. Then, suddenly, a flood of thoughts filtered my mind. I thought of not wanting to die in a public restroom, not wanting to be stuck, and most importantly, not wanting to lose hope. It was this hope and power of optimism that sparked my willpower to survive, to getting myself up and out of my mental confusion and stand up. I, suddenly and slowly, pushed myself off from the floor, stabilized on my hands and knees, and rose to my feet, and metaphorically, let my spirit rise. I was going to make it. I was determined to live, and I was determined to make something of myself. I was going to nip this in the bud and beat this illness and choose LIFE....

You too can achieve your greatest and most difficult goals if you have a strong enough life purpose and will to survive. It's all about never giving up. Confucius once said that your greatest glory is rising each time you fall. Even when others give up on you or neglect you, don't believe in you, and denigrate you, what matters most is how you see yourself. You have to persevere, you have to believe in yourself the most, and let that passion carry you far like wind beneath your wings so that you can fly.

So think about those times when you have had those defining moments in life, when you've felt a strong purpose, and the will to persist. As you apply these qualities to your life and to your goals, you can and will achieve anything you set your mind and heart towards. You will use the power of your mind to achieve your goals.  It is in persevering through extremely difficult, hard, sad, or challenging moments  in your life that you can gain that inner peace and belief in yourself that you've got what it takes to climb those mountains and achieve your dreams.  It's about turning your pain into power and transforming life's challenges into gifts. I've certainly turned my painful experience with bulimia into one of my greatest gifts in life. I now know I can set my mind towards anything and achieve my dreams. I also know I have the power to heal myself from extraordinary circumstances and start a new life. The human spirit is incredibly resilient. It is rich, complex, and full of potential. You just have to find the time to access it and gain strength from hardship. Life is full of ups and downs. Hardships are not only a part of life, they can become some of your greatest gifts once you've come out on the other side. The act of facing adversity with strength, confidence, and belief in oneself helps you to access the champion within. Facing difficulty head-on helps us to learn who we are and the true colors of the people around us.  There are great rewards from climbing your mountains and facing adversity rather than running away from it. What are the rewards?  A deep sense of calm, inner strength and power, love, and  a grounded belief in oneself gained by enduring life's most difficult challenges and coming through to the top.

For inquiries or to book Panney, please send an inquiry through her contact page. 

SAMPLE TOPICS (select list)
1.    Be the Star of Your Life: How to Get from Here to There in your Life and Career
2.    Diversity in workplace
3.    Engaging your Inner Guide to Achieve your Goals
4.    Discover and Develop your Brand & Message (for entrepreneurs, leaders, and aspiring politicians or those with a great idea or in marketing)
5.    Visualize your Dreams into Being
6.    Purpose & Plan
7.    Saying Yes to Change
8.    Keynote topic: Overcoming Odds, Asian American issues, Women and empowerment, Work-life balance, Empowerment, the Rise of Asian Americans.
9.    Panney's story on saving her life; surviving a near-death experience, and healing herself from the life-threatening illness, bulimia
10.  The Power of the Mind to Overcome Obstacles
11.  The Power of the Human Spirit
12.  The Power of Hypnosis to Change your Life
13.  Moving Mountains
14.  Bump Up Your Brand: 10 Steps to Attracting Fans, Clarify your Message, and Create a More Powerful You
15.  Back from the Dead: Steps Towards Achieving a New You

Description of a popular seminar:
Be the Star of Your Life: How to Get from Here to There in your Life and Career

Having trouble visualizing ways to achieve your personal or professional goals? Thinking about starting a new venture but unsure if it’s the right path for you? Wondering if you are making the most of your unique abilities and cultural identity? Get the answers to these questions and more as award-winning writer, TV-radio host, motivational speaker, and NAAAP-National Senior Advisory Board Member, Panney Wei brings her positive message and uplifting perspective to your organization. She will discuss her 8P's to Success, methods for re-channeling your energy, producing individual change, and implementing a workable plan for creating opportunities. It’s all about having a passion, purpose, and plan. Get energized with Panney and learn how to activate your dreams and goals step by step, overcome obstacles, reinvent yourself, and get motivated to make that vertical leap to success!

Description of a popular seminar:

The Power of the Mind to Achieve your Goals
How do you use the power of your mind to work for you in achieving your goals? How do you get your thoughts get translated into physical motion and ignore the negative voice in your head? How do you survive? Think about what happens in the human brain. The human brain is the most complex machine in the universe. It can make you or break you. It can lead you towards your goals and your dreams, your Mount Everest or mountain, so to speak, or your mind can destroy you and send you spiraling down, tumbling down the mountain. When you are faced with crucial moments in your life, when you need to make important decisions, when you're at a crossroads, or facing challenging situations, accessing the power of your mind and using it to your advantage is the ingredient towards achieving success. Behavioral scientist and Certified Hypnotherapist Panney Wei shares with you tips and tools on how to access the power of your mind to achieve your goals, stay motivated, and eliminate negative behavior that are obstacles in your path. She will help you access your anterior cingulate, in essence, the part of your brain that is the seat of your will. If you want to get things going, you got to charge up the A.C. and get your engine roaring! By using the power of your memory, emotionals, emotional energy, and other tools, Panney will, as NY Times Bestselling author Debbie Ford has said about Panney, "she will open your heart and inspire you to radical action!"

Previous Clients (selected list):
•    McDonalds
•    Oracle - IOUG Annual Conference
•    Kimberly-Clark
•    The Center for Nonprofit Success
•    The Filipino Women’s Summit
•    Keynote speaker at Women for Kamala Harris for Women’s History Month
•    Asian Pacific Family Center Youth Summit
•    The Filipino Women’s Network – Top 100 Filipina women in the United States
•    The National Association of Asian American Professionals – National Convention 2008, 2009, 2010, upcoming 2011
•    The National Association of Asian American Professionals Leadership Institute
•    The National Association of Asian American Professionals – Atlanta
•    The National Association of Asian American Professionals – Orange County
•    The National Association of Asian American Professionals  - San Diego
•    Visual Communications
•    The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival
•    Asian Business League
•    Asian Professional Exchange
•    Asian Pacific Family Center Youth Summit
•    Asian Pacific Entertainment Media Summit
•    Women in NAAAP (National Association of Asian American Professionals) – National Senior Advisor

•    Pacific Clinics

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” Albert Einstein
Panney Wei is available for keynote speeches, seminars, workshops personal appearances for your event, and media interviews.  

For any questions or for more information on bringing Panney to your non-profit, school, or company, please send an inquiry through her contact page.       

Working with Fortune 100 Companies and Non-Profits

Educating Youth and Parents

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