Recipient of  the "Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business” award
2011 Women Making a Difference Award Nominee
2010 Asian Heritage Awards Nominee for "Excellence in Arts & Literature"
Named “100 Passionate People of 2010” for
McDonalds Ambassador- Empowering youth to achieve their college education dreams
2015 Women in Business Awards Nominee - San Fernando Valley Business Journal


Panney began facilitating hypnosis classes, leadership trainings, and professional development seminars, including diversity awareness trainings because of her passion to empower people with the tools to achieve success, equity, and balance in their personal and professional lives. With her background in hypnotherapy, international relations, life coaching, and behavioral science, she has effectively led groups and is an excellent communicator with groups and individuals of diverse backgrounds. Through the years, Panney has developed a successful model for her corporate and leadership trainings, which has gained popularity among many companies, individuals, and organizations.
Training and consulting may include the following:
•    Leadership Development: For organizations that seek to develop leadership and critical  management skills. Panney addresses self-awareness and development, relationship building, leading change, communication skills, public speaking, team development, sustaining leadership, and other vital leadership skills necessary to motivate a group of people towards a common goal. Activities include goal setting, group exercises, group discussions, and others.
•    Multicultural Awareness and Sensitivity Training: Organizations that are interested in providing opportunities for employees to discuss issues of race, gender, sexual orientation, social class, religion, and ability. Activities may range from group discussions, experiential activities, and personal reflections.
•    Women’s Issues:  For organizations seeking to improve and empower women’s positions in the non-profit and corporate world, and to address diversity issues and women’s issues in the workplace, at home, and in relationship with others including their significant others, friendships, and family relationships. Topics may include work-life balance, equity in the workplace, self-awareness, self-care, and others. Exercises include journaling, creative visualization, group discussions, writing activities, vision-boarding, and others.
•    Facilitation Training: Organizations that seek training for how to facilitate group discussions. Activities may include didactic activities about group processes, role plays, experiential activities, and group discussions.

•    Diversity & Multicultural consultation for individual and groups: Organizations that seek specific consultation, advice, or education about multicultural issues. Topics may include: race or racial discrimination, sexual harrassment, Asian American or Chinese American issues, or general social issues for communities of color. A hot topic may include cultural issues in the Asian American community that prevent one from moving vertically through management levels. Activities may include providing educational presentations, research, writing, and information disseminating, counseling, conflict mediation, and individual appointments.

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