2016 Silver Award for the Los Angeles Business Journal's Asian Business Awards
Recipient of  the "Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business” award
2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2011 Women Making a Difference Award Honoree
2015 Women in Business Awards Nominee - San Fernando Valley Business Journal


Panney's goal is to leave an imprint on the hearts and minds of people around the world through her work in the media, publishing, and motivational speaking

and is quickly capturing these hearts and minds world-wide. Her ability to sense the truth of any person or situation, her sense of humor, charisma, grounded wisdom, and positive energy has allowed Panney to become one of the most sought-after motivational speaker-spiritual counselors in the country. Panney's work can best be described as a synergy of powerful advice, inspiring life experience, fun and energy, and enlightening transformation that when blended together creates a unique experience for the individual.

To empower her audience and connect with them, Panney provides a power-packed podcast to motivate her audience each and every week. She was the on-air host-producer of her radio show,  “Creating Positive Changes with Panney Wei” formerly on KCAA 1050 AM, NBC news radio and ranked TOP 100 Best Podcasts on ITunes for Spirituality with 3000 new subscribers weekly.  Now she's launched an entirely new podcast on the last day of Women's History Month called "See the Way with Panney Wei". New episodes will be uploaded on this site every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Please stay tuned for more info to get your weekly dose of wisdom, hope, and inspiration to jumpstart and close your week. 

Through her blog, social media (youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter), her newsletter, and radio show, you will receive messages to help guide you, transform your life, and keep you focused on your path. You'll also hear inspiring stories and interviews with celebrities, NY Times Bestselling authors, Hollywood luminaries, and lifestyle experts on the show on learning their tools that have made them a success in life. Come join Panney's inner circle!


Panney is honored to be featured as the Host and a featured Spiritual Teacher in the upcoming film, Quantum Wisdom, featuring leading spiritual teachers and thought leaders world-wide sharing methods on how to improve your life and be a happier person, and sharing stories and teachings about topics such as:

Spiritual Connectedness | Forgiveness | Gratitude | Consciousness | Values | Attitude | Problems | Love | Addiction  | Afterlife | Thinking for yourself

This film offers tools and techniques that you can use to strengthen your relationships with those that you love, friends, co-workers, and most importantly yourself. After watching it, you might feel more excited about changing your life and allowing your dreams to come true! You can find more info on Quantum Wisdom here: QuantumWisdomFilm.com and keep a copy for your inspirational success tool kit at home: Quantum Wisdom on ITunes.

Testimonials for Quantum Wisdom:

"Yes I have seen the movie and I just love it. It is so inspiring. All of the speakers brought so much insight and wisdom and love, to share with all. It changes the way you think about things, in an inspiring way. As I watched, I also took down notes. Anyone who is about to watch this movie for the first time really needs a pen and paper in hand. So much wonderful information is given, you'll really want to retain it. I have seen it 3 times already, and I have had it only a week. It is that good!!! I want to thank all of you who dedicated so much of your time and talent and knowledge to teach others. Continue SHINING and SHARING YOUR LIGHT with all the world. " -Roseann

"It's an amazing film. The takeaway that stuck with me was about Forgiveness.  Forgiveness is an amazing power. Forgive, let go. Stick to unconditional love. Check out Quantum Wisdom. It's here, it's now. Tell your friends and family about it. I loved it. You'll love it." - Mark

"I just finished watching the movie Quantum Wisdom. There's a small portion in the film where creativity is described as an act that brings you closer to the creator. I'm an artist and I found this to be particularly true. The way Tom describes it is particularly inspiring, and I recommend this to everyone." - William


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